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75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Next to sight, it is the most important sense we have.


Did you know that next to sight, smell is the most important sense we have? It is responsible for 75% of the emotions we feel every day.

KeyHygiene provides a world-class creative scenting service right here in Ireland. We use Swiss patented technology to improve air quality and that is helping to change life and business everywhere by converting bad air into good and creating the background scent/mood you desire.

Creative scenting will make your operation a far nicer place to visit and in which to work. Subconsciously people are happier and more comfortable and the result is that efficiency increases, your image is raised and a lasting positive impression is created.


From hospitals to supermarkets, nursing homes to offices, hotels, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres, factories and entertainment venues, KeyHygiene’s creative scenting is hard at work. It generates ambient atmospheres and neutralises odours and provides pleasant experiences for employees, customers and visitors alike.

Our range includes free-standing systems, wall fixtures or ceiling mounted units that can cover areas from 80m3 up to 5000m3. Low maintenance technology ensures smooth operation and our units can be leased or purchased with a full service and life-time guarantee.

Talk to us about natural odour removal and aroma marketing solutions - our refinement systems are 100% natural and operate independently of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems so there’s no messy installation. 

All KeyHygiene creative scenting products are independently certified and approved for use near food production and in hospitals.

Call KeyHygiene now and talk to us about creative scenting and how it can transform your workspaces and public places.

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