Entrance Mats

Protect your floor and make a great first impression

Entrances are every building’s business card. Be sure to make a lasting first impression.


Entrance mats are an important aspect for your business. Protecting your floor with the correct floor mat can ideally help in preventing the risks of slips and falls.  mats also stop dirt and moisture, helping to protect your flooring and prolong its life.

Public buildings are subjected to a daily influx of dust, dirt and moisture, walked in by visitors' footwear. This not only increases contamination levels throughout the building, it increases the risk of a visitor slip injury due to wet weather, it increases the wear of your expensive flooring and the cost to clean it, and makes what should be a welcome area look dirty and uninviting. 

The solution is very simple: Entrance Mats. KeyHygiene's Entrance Mats have been chosen for their professional, functional qualities, constructed with the most suitable materials for performance and durability. Entrances are every building’s business card. They make a lasting first impression on guests when visiting your company.


With KeyHygiene's dust control solutions, you are ensuring your customers and guests know right from the get-go that they are in good hands. Whichever format you select - standard, round, rectangular or customised - KeyHygiene's dust control mats emphasise your company’s unique image.

In transition areas, between production and office areas, in front of and in lifts, at escalators, at coffee machines, in the cafeteria, in the delivery area or in access or departure areas, KeyHygiene's dust control mats stop dirt, moisture and dust, prevent slipping, protect valuable floors and promote a neat and tidy image.

Last but not least, KeyHygiene's dust control mats help to lower your cleaning costs. Studies show: Effective dust control solutions can cut the costs of floor cleaning by up to 70 %. Cleanliness that pays off. Cleaning and replacing your floors costs time and money. Research has found that over 70% of the dust and dirt in buildings is walked in from outside. Our floor protection mats trap dirt and moisture, preventing it from being spread throughout your building. We also offer a range of specialised mats to help your staff remain comfortable whilst standing for long periods of time.



KeyHygiene is your one-stop-shop for all flooring applications, from the grand entrance to your business with functional custom designed logo mats to specialist health and safety mats for employees. We have everything you need to run a safe, clean, business environment, safe in the knowledge that you've done all you can to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of a visitor or employee suffering a slip or trip accident.



Welcome visitors with your custom graphics. Advertising and promotion mats are a fantastic way to brighten up your entrance area and give a warm and inviting welcome to your guests. In addition to promoting your logo, brand or message, our selection of professional entrance mats also have the added advantage of being functional leaders in the matting industry. 

Proven to reduce contamination being tracked into your premises, reduce the risk of a visitor slip injury due to wet weather and protect your flooring investment from wear and tear. Our Logo Mats are constructed with the most suitable materials available for high-performance and durability.

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