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We understand that individuals have specific preferences when it comes to drying hands, so we provide all available options.


Not everyone realises that effective hand drying is as important to hygiene as washing itself. That’s because wet hands attract bacteria, spreading germs all over your office and presenting a health hazard to everyone.

But KeyHygiene will help you to eliminate that risk with a range of efficient hand drying solutions for every kind of washroom or wash up area. From cabinet roller towels and paper towels to warm air dryers we’ll help you to improve hygiene standards and so reduce employee absenteeism and improve productivity from day one.  

As with every KeyHygiene service, it all starts with a free appraisal of your specific washroom requirements. We’ll consider the amount of traffic your washroom receives, the power output you have a preference for and the design of your interiors. From here we will recommend the best options for your particular site and circumstances.

Each of these recommended options come from a range that we have chosen for their maximum hygiene, ease-of-use, durability, cost effectiveness and minimum maintenance.


KeyHygiene's warm air hand dryers are the most effective hygiene choice because there is zero skin contact and so no transfer of germs. We carry automatic, manual and recessed models suitable for offices, shops, pubs, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools,  nursing homes, shopping centres, sports stadia and leisure centres.

Our hand dryers are more energy efficient, save money and improve hygiene while being environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Our brands include Airforce by World Dryer, Dyson and ATC dryers in stainless steel, white and black. They feature SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection on the cover of the white and black units and on the air outlets of the chrome versions.


Cabinet roller towels are a low maintenance and convenient choice for hand drying method and are designed for hygiene, comfort and cleanliness in your business and the workplace. Our cabinet roller towels help your staff and visitors to dry their hands thoroughly without creating waste in your bathroom. The dispenser provides a clean, dry, fresh portion of towel for each user and this gives complete hygiene control. The used portion of towel is kept separately from the clean portion within the cabinet and this prevents cross contamination. Our cabinets usually contain around 200 portions of towel and our cotton towels are strong and absorbent. With no waste or electricity needed KeyHygiene cabinet roller towels are an economical and environmentally friendly option. 

We have a range of colours to suit your interior design and we only use the best quality cotton towel which we change regularly. We have sensor non-touch units for ultimate hygiene and all units are wall mounted, lockable and tamper resistant.


Our paper towel dispensers are slim and sleek and will look great in your washroom. They’re wall mounted, secure and our strong and highly absorbent paper towels are dispensed individually to reduce waste. All of our units can be easily maintained and cleaned and come in a range of colours. You can also choose one of our sensor non-touch paper towel dispensers for even greater hygiene.

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