Soap Dispensers

That look as good as they work

Standard & premium soap dispensers for your washroom


Choose from a range of standard and premium soap dispensers for your washroom through KeyHygiene. We’ll match your washroom décor and find the perfect finish for your interior design.

We provide wall-mounted and free-standing countertop soap dispensers with or without locks which are secure and tamper proof to help prevent bottles of expensive soap going missing (we can also replace empty, missing or damaged bottles).


Our luxury soaps are very popular with our clients and their washroom users because a little can go a long way and this leads to better hand hygiene because one dose is enough to cover the hands thoroughly. Good design and an integral dispensing valve means the risk of spreading bacteria via the dispensing point is eliminated.

Washroom users are happy because they get a better experience and the product feels like a premium soap, leaving hands clean, fragrant and soft. Antibacterial hand wash with fragrance kills germs and helps skin maintain its natural barrier against infection and disease.

The dispensers themselves are made from certified 304 stainless steel from Germany and Sweden and you can choose a finish that includes hand polished, chrome or powder-coated in various colours.

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